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Steps to Prepare for Divorce 

Crumpley & Crumpley PC Aug. 19, 2022

Golden wedding rings and dictionary definition of divorceWhether your marriage has been suffering for years or you’ve just started to consider divorce, it’s important to be informed about what divorce involves. Divorce can be an emotionally, physically, and legally complicated process. Knowing the steps to take when preparing for divorce will help you during this challenging time. 

Our team at Crumpley & Crumpley PC will be by your side each step of the way. We will communicate clearly about your options and advocate for the best outcome for you, from the mediation room to the courtroom, if need be. 

Our team focuses entirely on family law, and together, we have almost three decades of legal experience. We are proud to represent clients in Livermore, California, as well as Walnut Creek, Danville, Pleasanton, and throughout Alameda and Contra Costa counties. 

Things to Consider Before Filing for Divorce 

The decision to end a marriage is serious, and it becomes even more so when children are involved. Before you decide to divorce, it is important to consider your options. Here are three essential things to consider before filing for divorce. 


Marriage counseling can be a helpful tool for couples who are considering divorce. If you are interested in marriage counseling, and your partner is as well, it could be exactly what your marriage needs and may help you avoid divorce altogether. 

Types of Divorce 

One of the first steps to take when getting divorced is learning about the different types. In an uncontested divorce, both spouses agree to the divorce and to its terms. Uncontested divorces usually don’t take as long to finalize, are less expensive and there is no need to appear in a court room.  

In a contested divorce, either one or both spouses do not agree to the divorce or to the terms suggested by the other spouse. Contested divorces can result in lengthy and expensive legal battles. Consider mediation with a family law attorney if you believe that your spouse may contest your divorce. 

Living Situations 

Will one of you continue to live in your home after your divorce is finalized? If so, that person will most likely have to buy out the other spouse’s share of the home. If this cannot be accomplished, the home will be sold. While you are preparing for divorce, make sure you plan for your living situations after the divorce is finalized. 

Steps to Take to Prepare for the Divorce 

Take action to protect yourself and your family. Here are six steps to take as you are preparing for divorce. 

#1: Hire an Experienced Family Law Attorney 

Even if you believe that you and your spouse will be splitting amicably, it can be helpful to have a knowledgeable divorce attorney on your side. Sometimes, divorce brings out the worst in people, and it can become more complicated than you might think. 

An experienced family law attorney can help you navigate these difficult decisions and negotiations. Your divorce attorney in California will help you understand the legal issues surrounding your divorce as well as your rights and responsibilities. 

#2: Know Your Assets and Accounts 

To protect your privacy and know your finances, take steps to identify your assets and accounts. Make copies of all your bank statements, retirement account statements, and other accounts you have independently or share. 

Change your password on any personal accounts that you previously shared with your spouse, including any email or iCloud accounts.

#3: Gather Your Personal Information 

It doesn’t end with your financial accounts. You should also make copies of your important documents, such as your life insurance policies, debts, tax returns, deeds, vehicle titles, and anything else that’s important to you. 

#4: Evaluate Your Financial Situation 

Think about your life going forward. How will you afford housing after your divorce? Try to determine what your expenses will be when you are no longer living with your partner. Make sure you take your debts into account as well. 

#5: Identify What’s Personal Property vs. Shared 

Take stock of your possessions and start deciding what belongs to whom. Again, think about what will happen to your home after the divorce is finalized. You should also make a plan for who will keep which vehicle.   

Spend time identifying and making a list of items that belong solely to you, and then list items that are shared property. Make copies of all documentation related to these items. Speak with a divorce attorney in California to learn more about the division of assets. 

#6: Keep Copies of Business Records 

If you and your spouse own a business together, how the business will be divided will be determined during the divorce. Make copies of all your business records, including your business tax records and insurance policies. 

Don’t Face Divorce Alone 

You need someone who’s entirely on your side during the divorce process. Someone who probably doesn’t know your spouse and who can be completely committed to helping you successfully move on to the next phase of your life. 

Our team at Crumpley & Crumpley PC has decades of experience in family law matters, and we know how emotionally difficult this time can be. We’re here to help you, and we’ll do everything in our power to achieve the best outcome for you while communicating with you each step of the way. 

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