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What You Should Know About Hidden Assets

Dividing assets is one of the most contentious points in a divorce. Many spouses do not have a full view of their family’s financial picture, which can create stress and uncertainty. Unfortunately, the problem of one spouse hiding assets from the other is not uncommon.

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Divorcing Later in Life

A divorce during your silver years involves a different set of considerations and problems than what a younger couple typically faces. Whether you are just beginning to think about divorce or you know this is the right option for your future happiness, it is helpful to be prepared.

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Steps to Prepare for Divorce

Whether your marriage has been suffering for years or you’ve just started to consider divorce, it’s important to be informed about what divorce involves. Divorce can be an emotionally, physically, and legally complicated process. Knowing the steps to take when preparing for divorce will help you during this challenging time.

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Common Misconceptions About Divorce and Family Law

If you are dealing with a family law or divorce issue, you may be receiving a significant amount of advice from others. Although their intentions may be good, their facts may not be.

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