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Patricia L. Crumpley

Attorney at Law

Patricia's desire to help the members of her community facing difficult times motivated her to pursue a career as a family law attorney. Every day, she gets the opportunity to provide exceptional support & guidance to those who need it most. The impact Patricia has made on her fellow Bay Area residents since earning her J.D. from John F. Kennedy School of Law has been immeasurable, and she continues to make a difference by helping families find the fresh start they deserve.

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Jennifer L. Crumpley

Attorney at Law

Jennifer earned her J.D. from the University of San Francisco School of Law in 2007 and has focused her law career on serving families facing a wide range of difficult legal issues, from divorce proceedings and domestic violence to child custody disputes and child support arrangements. Her commitment to meeting the unique needs of her clients and her dedication to helping families move forward sets her apart from the others and makes her an excellent legal partner.


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Open Communication

Family law issues are full of complexities, which is why you need a legal team on your side who will keep the lines of communication open at all times and answer any questions you may have along the way. We prioritize responding to our clients and providing the information you need when you need it so you always know what is happening with your case.

Aggressive Advocacy

At Crumpley & Crumpley PC, your needs come first. Above all else, we strive to aggressively achieve your desired outcome. While we will do everything in our power to reach an amicable resolution to your case without the need for litigation, we are absolutely prepared to represent you in court if that is what it takes to get the necessary results.

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Put Your Family in the Hands of a Trusted Legal Team

Legal issues involving your family are some of the most difficult to navigate. Not only are you tasked with trying to understand how to navigate the court system, but you are forced to bear an emotional burden that can be overwhelming. When the weight on your shoulders becomes too heavy, allow us to help you carry the load.

Our seasoned team of legal professionals has extensive experience providing representation and guidance to Bay Area families facing a variety of issues. Whether you are filing for divorce, facing a custody battle, creating a plan for visitation, or experiencing domestic violence, schedule a free consultation with us today to start seeking solutions.

Oftentimes, families facing legal issues want to resolve those issues as amicably as possible. Mediation is an excellent method of dispute resolution that can keep you out of the courtroom and help all parties maintain civility. If we must take your case to court to fight for fair results, we are prepared to represent you with confidence and experience.

We have been assisting families in California with their unique legal issues for almost three decades. Schedule a free consultation today to see how we can help you fight for the resolution you need to move forward. Our team is proud to serve those located in Walnut Creek, Danville, Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, Hayward, and Castro Valley, as well as Alameda or Contra Costa Counties.